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Cala San Vicente

Welcome to La Cala San Vicente

The Cala San Vicente is a small holiday village located on the northwest coast of the island of Mallorca, in the town of Pollensa. This bucolic place hosts a series of coves with crystal clear water at the foot of the Sierra del Cavall Bernat, the iconic rock that rises 380 meters above the sea and waves the village from all angles. It is so called because due to the combination of light and shadow that land on this majestic cliff, at a particular time of day for a few minutes, a shadow appears with an unmistakable resemblance to a horse.

The beauty of Cala San Vicente has made artists and intellectuals to spent part of their life here. Documentaries and movies such as “Jack the black” with actors George Duvivier Sanders and Patricia Roc have been filmed in this spot. A great local artist was Don Lorenzo Cerda Bisbal, disciple of Joaquín Sorolla and María Benlliure , who painted the Mallorcan landscape, especially the northern part of Mallorca using a high academic sense.

At the entrace to the village there is a talaiyot with prehistoric caves, the entire prehistoric caves are known as l’Alzineret.

Nearby beaches

Four quiet beaches: Cala Barques, Cala Molins (300 m from the villas), Cala Clara and Cala Carbo. Until recently these beaches barely received visits from tourists, but their beauty has made it become a must-see. All of them are within walking distance.

Its beaches are one of the main attractions in Cala San Vicente. 

1) Cala Barques is the largest beach in Cala San Vicente. It is considered the best for snorkelling, where you can get the unique experience of the rich marine life. A patch of sandy beach also allows for sunbathing on the beach.
There are some really good restaurants in the shoreline like Ca’l Patró, Cala Barques or Niu Hotel, specializing in seafood and the typical ‘paella’.

2) If you take the path around the rocky knoll you’ll find the tiny beach of Cala Clara. It is 30 m long and 25 m wide and it is often very crowded during the summer due to its close proximity to one of the largest hotels in the resort, Don Pedro Hotel.

3) Cala Molins is the beach which is closest to the villas. It has stunning views of the Cavall Bernat mountain and is very good for snorkelling. The Molins hotel, just a few metres from the beach, has a bar that offers a lunch buffet that is very useful in those days you do not feel like cooking.

4) Cala Carbó is a beautiful inlet which is 50 m long and 30 m wide and it is covered by pebbles and shingle. It is located at the end of Cala San Vicente, from where you have to head right along the only road by the sea. This little beach still preserves the essence of this fishing village with small boats on one side and an old pier on the other. Nothing is more refreshing and relaxing than having a late dip in this charming little cove.